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August 05, 2011


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Hoo Yah.
Come on Zach, you got this.

Danny and Jacki

Prayers coming from Omaha!


just for Zach my WOD at work today ....AMPAP (as many prayers as possible)in 20 min 3,2,1 go


Stay strong Zach you're a fighter. Praying for you and your family.


i like that RJ:) I am doing that WOD also


Sending prayers to Zach--stay strong!

Donna Voorhees-Waltz

Coming from Cross Fit Mercer, NJ...I am a friend of Zach's father's girlfriend, Patti. I sent to Cross Fit on FaceBook...lots of prayers heading Zach's way. It is because of Zach that I am doing Cross Fit; Patti took me to one of Zach's competitions. Prayers really work, so let's do it!

Donna Voorhees-Waltz
Roebling, NJ


Praying for you Zach. Get like you would any other wod.

Tony Fu

Praying for you brother


You can get through this, Zach. Lots of prayers!


Prayers from CrossFit Green Bay, you're in our thoughts, Zach.

Keith D.

I can't believe this. I hope only for the best.


I was on interstate 79 during Zach'a horrific accident and my family and I were one of the first ones on the scene to find Zach. Thank god for
all of those who were by Zachs side. If someone can please let me know where my family and I can send anything to Zach and his family please provide me some information ( I.e.. Cards, flowers,). Thank you


Sending healing thoughts and aloha from O'ahu to Zach, his family and friends.


Prayers from Kentucky
Crossfit brings us together in many ways and my heart and thoughts are with him and his family. Get well soon.


prayers from Lena and Jimmy at Crossfit Solano....


Thinking of Zach and his family from Phoenix

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